How we started?


As a Taiwanese / Hong Kongese couple, we have been passionate about food and have been craving for authentic street food since we moved to NYC. Being separated from our motherland, it has always been a dream to open our own business in New York: and with such simple intention, Catmint Wheel Cake opened its first pop-up store in the heart of Manhattan in 2016.



What is Wheel Cake?


Wheel Cake, also known as “Imagawayaki,” a Japanese dessert originated in Japan made its appearance in Taiwan during the period of Japanese colonial rule over Taiwan. Since then, the dessert was adapted to make it appealing to the Taiwanese palate. The name “wheel cake” is derived from its rounded shape as it has became one of the most signature street food in Taiwan.

Not only do we select the freshest and quality ingredients to serve the best wheel cakes in town, but we have also spent months perfecting our recipes in order to deliver the most luscious and unique taste to everyone.



Why we name our business Catmint?


Catmint also known as catnip is a herb that attracts and stimulates the dopamine of cats as we have been receiving numerous questions if the wheel cake is for cats because of the name of the brand. Unfortunately, it is not! It would be great if the wheel cake is edible for cats because that is how good it is!


So why Catmint? The answer is simple and silly, we love cats, especially our cat, Kitty. Kitty has been in our lives for years, and her existence is now indispensable to us. As it was eye-opening to watch Kitty and other cats craving for catmint, it was our desire to relate such perceptual view in our brand. This is why we named it Catmint. We wanted to ensure customers are savoring for the wheel cakes as much as cats meow for catmint.


貓草也稱作"貓薄荷",而我們把店名取名為貓薄荷,是因為我們就是愛貓成痴的兩個人, 我們養了一隻貓叫KITTY, 她就是我們的靈感來源, 我想大概沒有貓不愛貓草的吧? 所以我們希望我們的客人也如貓愛貓草一般愛上我們用心製作的每一個車輪餅。



124 Macdougal st.

New York, NY 10012


(Expected to reopen on 5/23)

FRI   2:00 - 8:00 pm

SAT   2:00 - 8:00 pm

SUN   2:00 - 8:00 pm



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